The adventures of Brian the pug and his devotees.

07 October 2009

The Croozer Mini's Maiden Voyage

The Pups had their maiden voyage in the new bike trailer today.  It wasn't quite as wonderful as I had pictured in my head.  Brian pug screamed the whole time, and dug a small hole in the side of the trailer.  Betty just looked really neurotic, but I think it's because she was worried Brian was going to crush her eardrums and her self.  If you have never heard a pug scream you can't quite imagine how strange and unsettling it is.  It sounds like a tropical bird + a baby + that squeaky noise buses sometimes make when they are stopping minus any noise a dog usually makes.  It's not that they didn't like the trailer, they were just really excited to get to the dog park. 

The Croozer Mini was extremely easy to pull.  I have never pulled a bike trailer before, and the small size of the Croozer Mini was very easy to maneuver.   I couldn't really notice it except it was a bit harder to hill start.  It's a tight squeeze for two pugs, but not so tight that it's worth moving up to The Croozer for non-mini dogs.  (End product review.)

And for the record, I did not choose the name of the trailer, The Croozer Mini is the brand name.  Normally I am extremely opposed to products or company names which are intentionally misspelled, but this one has grown on me.  However, I'm still open to suggestions.

05 October 2009

Dust it to me

Those must have been some dust took me a while to figure out why my floors are covered with it!

Happy to be back in Brissie, except I'm pug-free for the moment.  The babies are being held hostage until their babysitters are home from work.  (Thank you Maranda and Chris!!)  It's torture waiting for them, but at least I'm channeling that energy to cleaning/unpacking/putting together the new bike trailer.  Ben has the camera, but as soon as he's back from Europe, I'll post photos of the pups in their brand new ride.  This is what it looks like.