The adventures of Brian the pug and his devotees.

23 January 2016

Tile installation complete

Check out our wild and crazy bathroom. Fixtures go in next week.

18 January 2016


The crazy bathroom wall is really coming together.

16 January 2016

We miss you Uncle David!

Brian the cuddle monster
Betty with the baby she got for Christmas 
Bonus video - Betty wants a grape

14 January 2016

Moving right along

The radio silence around here was due to the fact that we had a snafu in the renovation. First the City of Portland made us stop work due to a rogue inspector who thought we had taken down a load bearing wall. Then Christmas was a bit busier than usual for us this year. We took a trip with the whole family to Sunriver, Oregon about a week before Christmas, and then Ben's family came to visit us for a week and a half. So fun!

First a few photos from the family visit.

Teaching the Aussies how to play the dice game 10,000

Chloe getting into the local Portland culture

The Christmas tree at Pioneer Courthouse Square

All dressed up for winter!

Lunch at McMenamin's in Oregon City

Willamette Falls

No trip is complete without eating Voodoo Doughnuts

Mural at Timberline Lodge

Timberline Lodge

Now on to the renovation! We unfortunately have to stop work on the attic bathroom until we can afford to put in a dormer and hire a structural engineer. Hopefully we'll be able to finish it in about six months to a year. But the kitchen and main bath are really coming along!

Bathroom floor
Kitchen sink. It's gorgeous!

Sneak peak of our fancy induction cooktop.

Tiling progress on bathroom wall. We are leaving this work to the professionals, and I'm so glad. Ben and I found this pattern online, and I ran around for days trying to find a tile manufacturer that would make these. They're hand made in Portland!
Oven and cooktop cabinets.
Kitchen sink and dishwasher cabinet. Fridge will go to the left of the sink.
Looking in to the kitchen from the living room

Game cabinet that faces the living room
That's it for now! We'll be installing the kitchen floor and painting the cabinets soon, so I'll post photos of our progress.