The adventures of Brian the pug and his devotees.

09 March 2008

Ship Life

Ben in the Captain's chair.
Priority drive!
Our reflection in the elevator doors.  There was never once a fingerprint on the doors.  They probably have someone dedicated to keeping them clean.
If you look carefully at the middle right hand side, it says, "Steering Mode Unknown".  Also, course change not acknowledged?  Hm.

08 March 2008


Yum yum.  You probably already noticed, but yes, that is 24 karat gold on that meat on the right.  For reals yo.

Ship Shape

These are very late, but here are some photos of the cruise.  It was unbelievable.  Talk about luxury.  I was going to post more, but Blogger has been snarky to me.  I might try to get them up later. 


We love love love Melbourne.  We did some shopping, sightseeing, and met up with one of Ben's colleagues and her boyfriend for dinner and drinks.   That first shot is the one I am going to send in to America's Next Top Model.