The adventures of Brian the pug and his devotees.

24 February 2015

These are a few of her least favorite things

This week,  we've added two items to the list of things Betty doesn't like:

1. Caterpillars

2. Wheel of Fortune

22 February 2015

Brian Eating with Chopsticks

Yum yum!

15 February 2015

Family Planting Day

Even Brian and Betty helped!  We planted 180 juncus plugs today.

01 February 2015

New Digs

Our pied-รก-terre has finally come together, and it's nice to be settled. My mom and I built the table in the right of the photo of the kitchenette,  and my dad and I put up all those shelves today. We're using my great-grandpa's sewing machine for a computer desk. You can see the manual foot pedal used to run the machine.

I had a great first week at my new job last week,  and I'm looking forward to another one. 

Bye for now!