The adventures of Brian the pug and his devotees.

21 November 2010

Et Cetera

Brian helping to fold the laundry
Rainbow over the house

It's hard to tell from this photo, but Brian has learned how to climb on the arm/back of the couch. 

07 November 2010

Happenings of Late

We're Gaga for Halloween!

And the aftermath...

10 August 2010

The PugOlympics

a story where Betty tries to take over the world

Recently, Brian and Betty competed in the PugOlympics. Brian was focused and determined to best his 2nd place finish in last year's 10 metre dash. Betty's thoughts quickly drifted from the games to World Domination, as is wont to do.

Obviously, Betty will not be able to take over the world alone.  She needs help from her older, stronger, (and some say smarter) brother.  She has decided the best way of enlisting his help is by both enticing him with the promise of meat, and threatening him with brute force. 

At the PugOlympics she decided to use the latter, as is clearly displayed in this first photo (the two to the far left). 

And despite Betty's desperate attempt to foil his win, he was the only one to grasp the concept of breaking the ribbon in order to win.  He may not have been the first pug to cross the line, but he is a winner in my book. 

30 March 2010

All Better

Brian has been given a clean bill of health from the vet!

19 March 2010

Random (but Significant) Cuteness

17 March 2010

Feeling Especially Sorry for Himself

Brian was being naughty and knocked a glass off the coffee table. He cut his little foot on the broken glass.
Five hours and $300 later, he is all fixed up with two stitches and a green bandage for St. Patrick's Day.
He is taking full advantage of his injured status, and hasn't left my side. As if I need another excuse to sit around covered in pugs!

23 February 2010

Brian is Famous!

Well, sort of.  He got his photo in a local paper.  The pet sitting company I work for celebrated their 10th anniversary.  Brian wanted to wear the Mexican wrestling costume I made him so he could get his photo in the paper.

Here it is!

15 February 2010

Brian Hogs the Air Con

I must be going through a video phase in my blogging life.

It's been stinking hot here! Too hot for pugs.

06 February 2010

Happy Australia Day!

Hey I never posted about Australia Day! We went to the cockroach races at the Story Bridge Hotel. The first video is the bagpipe processional, where the racers are brought out. The second shows a race.

15 January 2010


07 January 2010

Nudgee Beach

Brian and Betty's favorite place to visit is Nudgee Beach.  It's on the bay, and if you go during low tide, there are miles of beach, and saltwater puddles.  Brian loves chasing the birds, and Betty loves chasing Brian.  Brian even had a go at the obstacle course!  He is very athletic for a pug.  After leaving NB (as it's known in our house, since if you say "Nudgee Beach", Brian and Betty go crazy), wet Brian got cold from the air con in the car.  He was throwing a tantrum, and we realized that we was cold.  So Karyn (Ben's mum) wrapped him up in a cardigan and all was well in pugland.

06 January 2010


We had a great New Year's Eve.

05 January 2010


Christmas was a beautiful day. It was my first one in Australia, and very different to anything I'm used to. Brian & Betty were sent paw print stockings, and jingle bell attire from their not-grandma. They looked adorable. We had a beautiful day with family, friends, and food. Lots of delicious food.