The adventures of Brian the pug and his devotees.

31 October 2008

We have had a wonderful two weeks with Brian! He is a constant source of entertainment and misbehavior. He loves playing in the yard, finding sticks and rocks to carry around. He has a very busy social life, and has already attended a first birthday party for his friend, Gizmo, and also had his dog family around for a play date.

We already have hundreds of photos of him, so this is just a sample.

16 October 2008


We get Brian even earlier than expected! Tonight, that is. Stay tuned for many, many photos and videos. In the meantime, please enjoy these photos, taken this weekend while we camped at Fraser Island.

Dingo danger!

An important aspect of camping: knitting and crocheting.

The water in this stream is so clear that you can see the white sand at the bottom. Absolutely beautiful.

The coconuts were literally falling out of the trees. YumBO!

Natural sediment formations.

And finally, a souvenier of the trip. They look worse in person than on camera, and they itch like none other. Not moquitos, sand flies. It was worth it.

14 October 2008


Great news! Brian weighs over 2 kilos and is almost ready to leave the nest. That means we get him four days early!! I just found out. So, six days from today we will be cuddling the cutest pup in the galaxy. He is exhibiting dominant behavior over his litter mates, in addition to his mom & dad.

We spent the weekend on Fraser Island, and had a wonderful time. We saw several dingoes! I'll upload some photos soon.