The adventures of Brian the pug and his devotees.

20 August 2007

And You Though Vegemite was Gross...


Hi Friends,
Please enjoy these photos of the newborn beer (in the green jug), and the toddlers (bottles). The newborn is currently swaddled, in its own nursery, with a heater. The bottles will be reach maturity in a few weeks, and the newb will be another six weeks or so. Yum!

18 August 2007

The Ekka

The Ekka is very similar to a county fair. It is held in Brisbane every year. The highlights were the baby animals, and the Meat Hall. Plus the delicious treats; Dagwood Dogs, and strawberry sundaes.

Pretty Sand by Moreton Island

This is a photo from a plane going to Cairns, looking down on a sandbar.


Not an optical illusion. This spider is as big as it appears.

13 August 2007


We got to ski this weekend! The snow was somewhat slushy, but we had so much fun.

We stayed with Graham in the Catholic church, which is a couple minutes from skiing and the medical center where he works.

Graham plays the mandolin at a local restaurant, which serves the most delicious food in the land.

07 August 2007


So You Think You Can Dance season three will be airing in Australia in a few weeks. My heart will go on.

03 August 2007

Mom and Dad's Excellent Adventure

Dear All My Loyal Fans,

Many apologies for not updating the blog sooner. I was busy having fun while my parents were visiting. Please enjoy these photos from the trip.

For all of you ‘in the know’ I just created an account on Facebook. I already have about one thousand or more friends on it, but maybe I’ll add you. If you ask nicely.

Next week Ben and I are headed for the “mountains” of Australia to visit Ben’s dad. Stay tuned...

Art Project

Guess whose idea it was to high-five our brushes.


Ben + Fennel = Bennel

Fun Making Gow Gee