The adventures of Brian the pug and his devotees.

30 September 2008


We got to visit Brian again! He is the biggest and most playful of the litter. He is fattening up, and weighs 1.5 kilos. There are 2.2 pounds in a kilo. You do the math. No, seriously, you do the math, I make it a habit not to, unless forced.

He is a terror on four legs. He attacks anything or anyone that stands in his way. I'm pretty sure he is half pit bull. In three weeks and three days he will be old enough to live with us! His little tail is starting to curl, and he is practising his meanest bark. His facial folds are really standing out, and he is the cutest pug in the land!!

Also, I cut Ben's hair into a mini mullet.

Final Poll Results

The babydog is victorious over the dogbaby! Although there were a few impassioned pleas for the dogbaby, the winner is clear. However, just because the poll expired doesn't mean this issue will die. Soon, I will embark on a journey of representation by crochet of the babydog and dogbaby, which will force you to rethink your previous notions of babydog.

Thank you all for your participation. To those who chose not to participate: shame on you. You had a chance for your voice to be heard, and you threw that chance away. Well, little did you know that your thrown away chance will soon be gobbled up by babydog. Don't say I didn't warn you.

25 September 2008

Tiny Choices

Hi friends. I was featured as a guest poster for the eco-blog Tiny Choices! Tiny Choices is a wonderful blog that highlights simple changes you can make to become a little greener. Click here to check out my article on reel lawn mowers!

23 September 2008

As the Prophecy States

If you are still having trouble making up your mind regarding babydog, this should help. If you need a refresher on babydog, click here. Thank you for your careful decision and insightful comments on this issue. (Thank you to my loyal reader Brian for finding this photo. Your level of commitment to the cause is what we should all aspire to.)

22 September 2008

First Bath

He is getting cuter by the day. It is a fact. Bottom pic is of him and his brother, Phillip.

We had coffee with some pugs and their owners at a dog cafe, where you can order drinks for you and your doggie. We bought two small and cute toys; a rubber squeaky chicken and a puppy kong. We get to pick him up in 4 1/2 weeks!

18 September 2008

Thrift Store Score!

A couple months ago I saw a cute telephone table at a thrift store called Lifeline. I decided not to get it, for monetary reasons, but have been thinking about it ever since. Since I got a bit of tax money back, (yea for low tax brackets!) I decided to go back to see if by some chance it was still there. Imagine my surprise when it was. Wait, it gets better: Not only was my table there, but it had brought friends. So I ended getting a cuter table for less money. Sweet! I was thinking of re-covering the cushion, but I dig the 70s vibe it gives off, so it might stay as is. It lives in the bathroom now, which has received a mini makeover. In fact, the whole house has gotten a mini makeover, and the only purchase I have made is the table. I have managed to move around and re purpose pieces of furniture in order to create a new, more harmonious and fab dwelling. If you're lucky I'll post before and after photos of that.

Also found...a $20 time machine! Some might call it a pressure cooker, but I know it is a time machine. This is how it cooks food so quickly. I have been lusting after a time machine for ages, and couldn't pass up the opportunity. Unfortunately, I am too afraid to use it for two reasons: I don't want to disturb the space/time continuum and also don't want to ruin any food.

Oh, and don't think that you're getting away with not hearing about Brian (the dog not the human). Only five weeks and one day until we get to bring him home!

15 September 2008


Don't think that all the puppy exitement has distracted me from my quest for truth in the babydog issue. Here is the original post, if you need a refresher on what the babydog issue is. So, if you haven't voted, think long and hard on what your decision is, and vote in the poll to the upper left of your screen. Please leave comments as to why you voted the way you did. Thank you for your participation in this important matter.

Here, Fishy Fishy

Hi again friends. Ben and I have been making an effort to be healthy by eating less meat and dairy, and more veggies and fish. However, many types of fish are unsustainable due to overfishing, pollution, and habitat destruction. The folks over at the Environmental Defense Fund have come up with a handy pocket guide to help everyone choose sustainable fish. Click here for the pocket guide, along with more info on keeping our oceans healthy, so there are plenty of fishies around for many more generations to enjoy.

14 September 2008

World, Meet Brian

We got to visit Brian again last night. He isn't walking yet, but is very close to it. He was pretty chilled out the whole time, except when it was time to feed! He bullied his way in to get some milk.

Daddy pug, Jackson, was very curious about the babies.

He's the little piggy on the far left in the nursing video.

Hot Dog! (Or, Angie's New Life as a Crochet Fanatic.)

It's Not a Pug Post

We got a lawn mower! Old school style to tame our jungle of a yard. It is great for many reasons; it is quiet, environmentally friendly, it makes the lawn look fab, and it means I don't have to go to the gym. Also pictured: yum avo and Vegemite on toast.

11 September 2008

Sleeeeeping Puuuuuuupiiiieee

10 September 2008

His Eyes Are Open

08 September 2008


His siblings are opening their eyes! He is too focused on getting food to worry about vision.
Hey fatty boomba.

His little nose is starting to turn black!


We're getting a pug puppy!!! We are...well, exited doesn't really explain it...more like ecstatically overjoyed. We got to pick him out last night and spend lots of time with him, and his puggy parents, Jezebel and Jackson. They are adorable, so we are hoping ours takes after them. Here is our first family photo and a photo of ours with his siblings. (He's the one with his tongue sticking out.)

06 September 2008


Hey guys. It is officially spring in Australia, and that means gardening. My wonderful auntie and uncle gifted me some desirable new gardening tools, and I put them to work recently. Below you will find a time lapse video of me weeding the garden. Don't worry, it's not as boring as it sounds.
Miraculously, a small cilantro/coriander plant has sprouted over the winter.

05 September 2008

In Other Dog News

We went to a pug meeting today! We joined a group of pug parents, and got to play with nine pugs that had formed a wild pack. I brought my pug purse, which was a hit with the humans as well as the dogs. Hopefully soon we will have one of our own.