The adventures of Brian the pug and his devotees.

28 February 2016

Kitchen Floor Installation

We're installing the kitchen floor this weekend! Just having the underlayment down feels like progress, but I can't wait to have a real floor after many months of plywood. We're using a product called Marmoleum Click, which is a true linoleum (made from cork and linseed oil). It comes in tiles which "easily" click together. In the YouTube video it only takes about seven minutes to install, so we should finish it up by mid-2017. 

We've moved back in to our place again after a couple months of no toilet or shower. The bathroom is amazing, especially the shower. We just have a few finishing touches, like a glass shower partition, shelves and towel racks, and we'll be set.

Here's to hoping that everything goes smoothly! Included are a couple bonus pug photos. Brian and Betty stayed at Grandpa and not-Grandma's house last week, so it's nice to have them back. They're a little unsure of their new surroundings, but I think they'll adjust soon enough.