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19 March 2009

"Comfortable" Airline Seats

Have you heard about this? A company has come up with a new design for airline seats to make them a bit more comfortable. The idea behind the design is that the seats are staggered, which allows the sitter to lean to the side whilst sleeping, in addition to providing a modicum of privacy from the person sitting next to you. This isn't mentioned in the article, but it looks like there is a bar for the feet to rest on. I hope this is the case, I am always trying to squish my feet up on to the seat for more comfort.

The only drawback to the design is that the seats don't lean back. However, the designer reasons that they don't need to lean back, since most people lean to the side to sleep on planes, and additionally, your space isn't invaded by the person sitting in front of you. The new design is better for the airlines, as it allows for more seats to be crammed on to a plane. (You didn't think that was possible, did you?)

What do you think? I'm excited to try one out.


Brian said...

You should book an *ahem* international flight to test them out.

James said...

I've not seen any in the factory yet... the airlines will need to decide they want to do this. But like you said if they can fit more meat in the tube, I don't see why they've not jumped on it yet.

It could be that they've not yet been through all the testing and such that airplane seats go through. They'd probably also have to do some evacuation tests and fun stuff like that.

Seats are really expensive though, so you'll probably only see these on new airplanes... :(

James said...

Almost forgot, there are already standard airline seats that don't recline. Book a flight on RyanAir in Ireland and you'll get to try some. At least they are leather! :)

Maranda said...

Yes! book a flight and then let me pugsit brian :)