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10 May 2007

Don't Swim in the Brisbane River

"This is the bull shark. It grows up to three and a half metres in length. It’s one of the most dangerous sharks in the world; not only is it highly aggressive, it also lives where we least expect it." (Source: abc website) "Despite their apparent docility, they are capable of surprising bursts of speed, and can be highly aggressive, even attacking a racehorse in the Brisbane River. Bull sharks are among the four species considered the most dangerous to humans... [and] might be responsible for the Matawan Creek attacks of 1916 that were originally attributed to a great white, and which inspired the movie Jaws." (Wikipedia)

As if a giant spider in the back yard wasn't enough. Approximately 500 of these sharks live in the Brisbane River! They acclimate to fresh water.


Stephie Bee said...
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JJ said...

Balls. Balls balls balls. I thought rivers were supposed to be safe. How big is this Brisbane River? Bigger than the Columbia or the Willamette? So I guess waterskiing is out of the question...