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15 September 2008


Don't think that all the puppy exitement has distracted me from my quest for truth in the babydog issue. Here is the original post, if you need a refresher on what the babydog issue is. So, if you haven't voted, think long and hard on what your decision is, and vote in the poll to the upper left of your screen. Please leave comments as to why you voted the way you did. Thank you for your participation in this important matter.


Brian said...

As you have probably noticed by now; I've gone comment crazy on your blog. Bear with me, I just need to know if I'm supposed to vote on the babydog thing again.

ARrrrrr said...

Bear with me, you don't need to vote again, unless you have changed your mind. Are you having second thoughts about your vote?

Brian said...

Heck no! Dog with baby head is going all the way!!