The adventures of Brian the pug and his devotees.

27 January 2009


What do you mean I can't bring meat on the bed?!?!

25 January 2009

Beaver Pug

Our little Brian is growing up. We have been leaving him in the back yard while we're gone. This seems to make him much happier than being locked in the bathroom. I worry about him being out there all alone, but it is only for a few hours per day.

My brother got him this sweet Beavs jersey as a Christmas present. Yeah. Now that's a face even a Duck could love.

24 January 2009


It's time for everyone's favorite topic! Not a lot to report, but the lawn is looking amazing, thanks to my dilligent use of the Flymo and the recent storms. Also, if anyone is in Brisbane, and wants some habaneros*, come over. We have a mutant plant that just wants to spread habanero love to the universe. Well, at least to the greater Brisbane area.

*Sorry I'm too lazy to look up how to do the ~ over the n.

23 January 2009

Mt. Barney

Tomorrow Ben and I are headed to Mt. Barney for our first overnight hiking trip. I am in charge of food and he is in charge of everything else. We have a specialty cookbook for overnight hiking, so I will keep you posted on what I decide to make. One breakfast option: oatmeal/porridge with bacon. Did someone say bacon? YumMmmm.

As you can imagine, maintaining a light weight pack is essential to having a happy hike. My question is: Where does crochet fall on the scale of importance? Please help me dear readers by voting in the poll at the top right of your screen. Thank you for your cooperation.

Bon Iver

Last week, Ben took me on a suprise date to see a musical act. Not suprisingly, the band Bon Iver put on an amazing show. Our third row seats at The Tivoli, were a perfect vantage point to witness the amazing live show. Their live show blew me away even more than when I first listened to their album. Rock on Bon.

21 January 2009


This is the soap that B & A made. If you come to visit, you can use it. As much as you want.

18 January 2009

Project of the Week

Please enjoy these photos of a handbag that I crocheted for my cousin as a Christmas gift. I made it from some 100% Irish wool yarn from my grandma's stash. My mom taught me how to sew in a lining and clasp. I am quite pleased with the way it turned out, and I hope you are also.

17 January 2009

Long Time No Post

Things have been a bit quiet over here at The Life of Brian. Ben and I took a last minute trip to the US for the holidays, which was a whirlwind of family, friends, and beer. We had a wonderful time, although we didn't get to catch up with as many friends as we would have liked, due to the last minuteness of the trip, combined with snow and the fact that my cellular telephone bit the dust.

Shortly after Ben and I left Portland, Tinkerbell, my loyal cat for 18 years, left us for that giant food dish in the sky. She lived out the last of her days in comfort and laziness, as any cat should. She will be missed by all that knew her, especially me.

So, once I get back in to the swing of things I should be posting more often. Stay tuned for new sewing and crochet projects, in addition to Brian updates, and a few other things I've got up my sleeve. In the meantime, check out this video of Brian doing his best baby elephant impression.