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09 April 2007

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I started a small veggie garden. We are using cheap containers from KMart to grow the veggies in. Some plants are cuttings from a friend's garden, and some have been grown from seed. There are tomatoes, mint, basil, onions, baby carrots, strawberries, and more. Several attempts have been made to grow cilantro (called coriander down under), but they just don't seem willing to survive. The close up is of the climbing peas. Even though winter is upon us, most plants can be grown year-round due to the sub-tropical climate. The only difficulty is the level five water restrictions. I am only allowed to water two days a week, during certain hours! Hoses and sprinklers are banned, so you are required to use a bucket.


Danielle Cleland said...

I love a freshly grown knife...

wow that was lame

ARrrrrr said...

Whatever. Whatever. I do what I want. For your information, the knife is a marker for what seeds I planted where.