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25 August 2008

Bear with Me

I'm not going to lie.  I have been going through a period of indecision with the blog.  It seems as if Woot (The Life and Times of Inigo Montoya aka Sacajarickard) is due for a shakeup.  A sea change, if you will.  So, in order to help tailor the reading needs of you, my loyal fans, I am asking you to participate in a poll.  

This is a simple matter, but an important one.  I welcome open debate and comment on this matter: 

If you had to decide, would you rather have in your possession a baby's head with a dog's body, or a dog's head with a baby's body?  There are a few parameters that you should keep in mind while making your decision.  The Baby in question is about 1 1/2 years old, which we have determined through clinical studies to be the approximate intelligence of a dog.  The Dog in question is of adult age, and small stature; 15-20 pounds.  In either scenario, the body parts will have normal function.  For example, the Baby's head would be able to communicate as a 1 1/2 year old child, and the Dog's head would be able to bark.  Conversely, the Baby's body could crawl/walk, while the Dog's body could run around.

I have a strong opinion on this matter, but will keep it a secret, so you can make up your own mind.  I am looking forward to your votes and reasoning.  Bye for now.


Brian said...

Ok, now we're talking. The obvious choice here is baby's head on dog's body. If you don't agree, god help us all.

ARrrrrr said...

So far the results have been overwhelmingly pointed towards baby's head dog's body. Which is much less creepy because for some reason. However, the one major disadvantage of baby's head dog's body is that it could chase you, while a baby's body dog's head could not.

JJ said...

You know, I have never been a big fan of kids, so I would have to go for dog's head, baby body. Then you'd have the opposable thumb thing going on and you could leave the baby/dog situation home to feed itself if you felt like getting a couple of beers down at your local. And it doesn't look as creepy when you make it kill the spiders.

ARrrrrr said...

Very good point. Thanks for shedding some light on the minority point of view.

James said...

One thing I'd not thought of when first replying is that the term baby is a bit ambiguous. Of course so is dog.

For instance are we talking a newborn baby head that can't even support itself? Or a giggling, jabbering, can't-eat-without-spitting six month old baby?

Also if it's a baby body are we talking the kind that just lays there like a blob? Or the kind that can roll over one way, stay sitting up if propped, or even crawl around in an awkward short-legs-with-a-long-body style?

On the dog end my first though was a small dog with a baby head, keeping it in the baby proportions. But what about a St. Bernard with a baby head? How weird is that. Or a great Dane? How about a crawling 20 pound baby with the head of a great Dane? Okay the baby body probably couldn't drag the great Dane head around....

We need an artist to do some renderings for us.

My first vote was baby with a dog body but now I'm conflicted.

ARrrrrr said...

You're right, we do need an artist to help with this situation. Anyone?

The baby head in question can utter a few key phrases. The dog head would be able to function as a fully grown dog, which is small to medium stature, your choice of breed, but logistically speaking, the baby's body has to be able to support the dog head.

The baby's body is able to walk around, albeit shakily. It has some control over its extremities, but not over its excrement. The dog's body is fully functional, much like the head, but can be of any size and any breed of dog.

Nick Rickard said...

Okay, dogs lick themselves, so would you rather see a dog licking a babies butt, or a baby licking a dogs butt...
Put me down for baby head on a dog body because dogs bark, babies giggle. That simple.