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13 June 2007

Flowers and Admirals and Rugby, Oh My

These flowers have managed to survive the drought, and, more amazingly, are growing underneath the house! Australian flora and fauna never cease to amaze me.

Graham took Ben and I to an Australian American Association meeting, where we got to meet some members of the American Navy. This photo is of the Rear Admiral. I won the Australian flag bag I'm holding in the raffle.

State of Origin
Last night was the second of three "State of Origin" games of Rugby League. The teams consist of Queensland (the state in which Brisbane is located) and New South Wales (the state in which Sydney is located) players. The rivalry is not unlike that of the OSU v UO Civil War game. Underdog Queensland won the first game a few weeks ago, at a stadium in Brisbane. Last night's game was in Sydney. Although Queensland had not won a game on New South Wales turf in many years, they beat the odds, winning the series! The third game will still be played, but only for bragging rights or to save face, depending on which team wins. GO QUEENSLAND!


JJ said...

So I guess you would describe those flowers as "down under"?...

I'm really sorry for that.

Go Ducks!


Mama said...

We'll cheer our dear Queensland on soon, with you and our new band of maroon cheerleaders!! ...can't wait!!

Mama again... said...

I forgot --- Go Beavs!!!