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27 September 2007

Can Openers

Can openers in Australia are strange and difficult to function.

Also, you can't get Kraft mac and cheese in spirals, or Dr. Pepper.


Michelle said...

Spirals are the best! They taste way better than the originals. They do! Don't eat too many or you may get over the 500 lb. limit and not be able to get back to the States.

ARrrrrr said...

Well, if you were reading carefully you would have known that I can't get them here. Thanks for rubbing it in.

Maybe you were confused because the post appears to say you can't get Kraft mac and cheese in Dr. Pepper flavor. Well, you can't.

Mexico Way said...

Oh my god. I love spiral pasta. And I never freakin knew that they made spiral MAC AND CHEESE! HOLY CRAP! Living in Mexico is like living under a rock. Gosh dang it.

Mexico Way said...
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