The adventures of Brian the pug and his devotees.

17 February 2008

Holy Hot Peppers!

We have a habanero!  A while ago, Ben put a couple habaneros in the ground.  Lo and behold, we have a healthy plant, with one ripe pepper, and a bunch of burgeoning ones.  Also, the pumpkin plant is going absolutely crazy.  There are at least ten blooms, and many more on the way.  Anyone up for a pumpkin-carving party come October? 

There are some technical difficulties with the camera these days, but as soon as that clears up I will post some photos.  

As of late, my one true love is embroidery.  I am almost done with my third project, and can't wait to start the next one.  I expect there will be some handmade gifts making the rounds this Christmas. 

BTW, Ben and I are going on a cruise with Ben's dad next week.  Hot dog.  There will be tons of photos from that trip, hopefully one of Ben in a tux!

Bye for now.