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03 April 2008

Important Things Which Have Happened Recently

1. Our baby bird left the nest!  I miss seeing him, but am happy that he is making his way in the birdie world.

2. Ben killed the pumpkin plant in a fit of weed-wacking fury.  So, no more pumpkin carving party.

That's all I can think of for now.  


James said...

I'm going to have a go at growing the pumpkins on a trellis this year... that should help it get out of the way of the weed whackers...

Should be interesting.

It's been a bit frosty the past week. My little lettuce and pea seedlings don't like it much.

James said...

In other news, I found a video of us practicing for the Time Warp lip sync as well as video of the actual show in the gym...

That is pretty funny stuff.

You were a bit scary with that big hunch back.

ARrrrrr said...

Wow, I would love to see that! Those were the days, eh? (I don't really know what that means.)

I don't think that putting the pumpkins in a shark cage would have saved them from the weed wacker. The only thing that survived was the habanero plant.

Uncle Donald said...

I bet you miss your baby birdie. Now you know what it feels like when our baby birdies leave the nest! Hint, hint!

Very glad you have this blog.