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01 February 2009

Mt. Barney, Part Deux

As promised, here is photodocumentation* of out Mt. Barney trip.

*I'm sure this is a real word.

Mt. Barney was beautiful and exhausting. The trail was not clearly defined in many places, and crossed a few creeks, making it quite adventurous. We didn't see any platypuses, but did make friends with a big spider, a giant ant and a huge beetle. Warning: photos of said insects below.

In the parking lot, about to set off on our 1 1/2 hour hike with our packs.

Crossing a creek just before the campsite.

Our awesome tent & campsite.

This is the biggest ant I've ever seen. I realize that there isn't a scale, but this thing was at least an inch and a quarter long.

Can you find the spider in this photo?

No? Here he is close up.

Cooking breakfast. Bacon in oatmeal/porridge. YUUUUUUUMbo. For dinner the night before we had spicy peas with baked ricotta and mashed potatoes. Also, in a vein attempt to add more protein to our meal, I brought some canned crab. If by chance you were wondering if canned crab is delicious, I can tell you the truth here and now: it is not delicious. At all.



ETA: The crochet was a disaster! Somewhere along the trail, I dropped the ball of yarn and the hook. Also lost a pair of sunglasses. (But that gave me the chance to find my awesome new sunglasses for only $5!) But I still feel bad about littering.


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