The adventures of Brian the pug and his devotees.

11 February 2014

Ruby Tuesday

We have two big skylights in the bedroom that I look out first thing in the morning. There is a big tree next to our house and it's fun to watch the changing seasons through the 'picture frame' of the skylight. This morning was especially cold (16F / -9C) and the first thing I saw in the skylight was two little birdies huddling together for warmth. In the photo below, they appear to be only one bird because of how close together they are. My best guess as to their species is Northern Mockingbird, but I would happily be proven wrong by one of the many ornithology experts that read my blog.

Later in the morning, as I was enjoying a delicious cup of coffee (made with a Chemex coffee maker by my own personal barista), I noticed an interesting reflection.

The source of said reflection:

 And then Brian and Betty started frantically chasing the light bouncing off my phone and the peace of the morning was shattered. Anyone care to buy two pre-owned pugs? I'll give you a great price.

And finally, at least one eagle-eyed reader guessed our Halloween costumes correctly. I was dressed as Marie Curie, Ben was Pierre Curie, and the dogs were Radium and Polonium. The cutest radioactive elements I've ever seen. If you look closely, you can see that we were imitating Marie and Pierre post-mortem. For more information on these amazing scientists and how they each met their unfortunate demise, read an encyclopedia. Or visit Wikipedia. Wikipedia: like an encyclopedia, only internettier.*

*Unofficial motto of Wikipedia.