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16 March 2014

What Wood You Say this Sound Is?

This weekend we went for a lovely hike at Great Falls National Park and we were lucky enough to stumble upon an ephemeral (or vernal) pool of Wood Frogs. Actually, to say we stumbled upon it is an exaggeration. The male frogs' calls can be heard before sighting the pool, so much like the female Wood Frogs, when we heard the call of the males, we came closer to investigate.

As you can tell from the video, their chorus of calls sounds similar to a duck's quack.

Wood Frogs are a common, widespread species of frog, but their ubiquity doesn't make them any less interesting. Like many amphibians, they are able to survive harsh winters by letting their bodies freeze. They stop breathing and their heart stops beating while they are frozen. However, one thing that makes Wood Frogs different to other frogs, is their ability to freeze and thaw multiple times per season if necessary.

It may be hard to believe, but it's been observed that Wood Frog tadpoles are able to recognize their siblings, and therefore group together in their ephemeral pool. Another interesting fact about the Wood Frog is that it's the only frog species that can be found north of the Arctic Circle. I wish I could adapt to the cold that well.

Thanks for joining me on this little trip to the world of the Wood Frog. This web site has some beautiful photos of the frogs if you'd like a closer look. I hope you have enjoyed my unparalleled cinematography. I have David Attenborough lined up to narrate my next nature film. Plus, you'll be happy to know that I just learned if I hold my mobile phone sideways, the video will be wider. Technology! 


David Vaney said...

That's an essay Angie! What were you on?


PS. Love the photo of Betty sniffing the flowers!

ARrrrrr said...

I was high on life! This was my first Wood Frog sighting!