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15 December 2014


As you probably know, we will be relocating to Oregon in a few days. On Saturday, we got together with our lovely neighbors to celebrate (?) our eminent departure. We had a fab time and we're very sad to have to say good bye to such a wonderful community.

There was a very high bottle to person ratio at the party
Now we're just packing up the house and getting ready to set out on the next excellent adventure. Stay tuned; over the next couple weeks I'll write some posts from our road trip across the Land of the Free.


Sara Dobson said...

I had so much fun, we will certainly miss you guys

Cindy Lynn said...

I am glad I got to know you over the last couple of months...good luck to you and safe travels! I am looking forward to hearing about your trip!!!


ARrrrrr said...


ARrrrrr said...

Thank you! Glad we got to know you too!