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08 December 2015

Main Bathroom

Spent the last couple days doing demo on our existing bathroom. It was awesome to take out our old, nasty vanity, and the cast iron tub. Tiling starts in a couple days. I can't wait! We are replacing the tub with a walk in shower.

Starting demo

Bye bye tub

Almost there!

Bye bye sink. Enjoy your new life in the landfill.

Done! At least it's spacious!

The stamp on the bottom of the cast iron tub

Made in November 1925. Thank you for 90 years of service. See ya!


David V. said...

Well, you answered my question about the main bathroom! The walk in shower should be great. (The worst feature of many American bathrooms is the double shower curtains over a bath, which always seem to stick to you!) If the bath was cast iron, how did you manage to crack it like that?

ARrrrrr said...

Those shower curtains are the worst!! I also hate stepping into a tub. Cracked the cast iron tub with brute force and a sledgehammer. Well, actually our contractor did. We've got someone here helping for the next couple weeks, since my surgery (among other things) got us a bit behind schedule.