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02 December 2015

Wall, would you look at that!

I realized that I haven't posted a photo since we got the kitchen wall down. It's been gone for several weeks now, and it's hard to remember what it was like before. The kitchen feels a lot more airy and open now that the wall and the four massive trees in the back yard are gone. I have to say, the before photo actually looks nicer, but I promise in person it's a huge improvement.

Here's what we started with


Gone! And after the addition of the header.
We'll be installing a kitchen peninsula where the wall was with a cooktop. We've been living with a camp kitchen setup for quite a few weeks now, and the fun has definitely worn off. Even if our kitchen turned out to be a disaster, I wouldn't care. It will be so nice to have a dishwasher, or even just a kitchen sink for that matter. And a full size refrigerator! Although, after close to a year using a bar fridge, I have gotten used to only having a small amount of food in the fridge. I have to plan the grocery shopping carefully. No plastic lettuce containers here! It does cut down on food waste, as I can only buy enough food for a few days at a time. I think our fridge will be virtually empty for a few months. I did pretty well in contributing four dishes to the Thanksgiving dinner! 

Artichoke and spinach dip stuffed bread. So good.

Homemade croutons and quinoa salad.
In the next few weeks we're getting cabinets and countertops installed, tiling done, new bathroom fixtures installed, and kitchen floors installed. Phew! The only bad part about having a kitchen again will be that there's no excuse for going out to eat. Maybe that we don't want to dirty the new kitchen?